Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Farewell (For Now At Least)

This blog started out as a place to record my half marathon training and running experiences. When I first decided to run, I looked around on the Internet for any examples of a complete nonrunner succeeding at finishing a half. I found little snippets, but I wanted to know it all---the good, the bad, the ugly. Since I never really found a "start to finish account", I posted it all here--what my training was supposed to look like vs. what it actually did (often quite different!), my horrible first half, my tolerable second, and my enjoyable third.

The "running phase" of my life is on hold for at least the next 9 months because I'm:
I know some people run throughout their pregnancies. Good for them. I will not be in that crowd. I am following a walking program, but it's too boring to post about--which must be why I've neglected this blog so much lately.

While I first began blogging about all things running, along the way, I posted recipes I liked, talked about my family, my vacations, and all my cutie pie nieces and nephews. What I've loved about blogging is the opportunity to write--about nothing and everything. I also love that I have a written record of the last year. I've not been successful at journaling as an adult so this is my "virtual journal" of sorts.

So I've decided to keep blogging, but to start the slate clean. Maybe I'll start running again and pick this thing back up one day. If not, I'll leave it here as proof for some poor old out of shape gal that if I can do it, anyone can do it. Seriously...

If you want to follow me, my new blog is here. Farewell...for now at least!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Belated Birthday Post

Well, this is belated. Hubby turned 32 on Sunday, and I'm just getting around to "publicly" proclaiming the big day. His birthday always falls on Memorial weekend so we usually go out of town for his birthday. I was trying to remember where all we've been for the last 9 birthdays we've been married and came up with a list:
  1. 2001-Lake Tahoe (first vacation as a married couple, other than our honeymoon)
  2. 2002-Houston (we lived there at the time, and I kinda remember going to a Memorial Day picnic and listening to his grandmother's "band" perform)
  3. 2003-Boston (we lived in New Jersey at the time so it was a quick hop over)
  4. 2004-Amarillo (He lived in OK City while I clerked in Amarillo so he drove in for the weekend to see me.)
  5. 2005-Amarillo (I lived in Lubbock while I studied for the bar exam so it was "kinda" like a trip coming to see him for the weekend!)
  6. 2006-Dallas
  7. 2007-Threw him a party in Amarillo for his 30th
  8. 2008-Chicago
  9. 2009-Oklahoma City (for the Big 12 baseball tournament)
And just because it seems to be a list-kind-of-day, I'll list the 9 things about him that continue to knock my socks off:
  1. He's devilishly handsome.
  2. He has no idea how handsome he is. No ego. No arrogance. I never have seen such in all my life.
  3. He's laugh out loud funny. When I look back at my journal from the first year I met him, I repeatedly talk about how much I laughed when I was with him. I'm still amazed at how much he can make me laugh (even on days when I'm positive there ain't a thing in the world worth laughing over).
  4. That man can organize him a garage, some drawers, and clean a window like you've never seen.
  5. His touch. If we're in an argument, the first thing I say is "don't touch me!" Because he definitely knows the quickest way to disarm me is to touch me. I'm a sucker for his touch.
  6. He's a "glass half full" kind of guy.
  7. I don't phase him one bit. Sure, it's a little frustrating at times, but he sees right through me. Throw a tantrum and go completely postal? I'm not proud of it, but I've done it (way more than once, sadly). Unphased. He just waits for it to end, dismisses it, and waits for his rational wife to return. Start using big words and get all"hoity-toity" ? Yep. Done that, too. Unphased. Points out my roots and helps me get over myself. I've definitely met my match.
  8. He can pray. As someone who has done a lot of public speaking, I often fall into a trap where my prayer feels like more of a formal presentation than a heartfelt communion with God. But him? Man. It's like this intimate conversation that I almost feel guilty listening to--like I'm intruding on a private moment. He won't pray publicly, but he'll pray with me, and it always knocks my socks off.
  9. His devotion. Talk about digging your teeth in and never letting go! His staying power is unbelievable. He has maintained relationships and taken high roads I never knew existed! And as for his devotion to me and our marriage, it still baffles me. At a time when I was struggling to love and forgive myself and really struggling to accept God's blessings (especially and primarily, the blessing of Jonathan), I worked as hard as I could to push that man on to greener pastures. He would not budge, and he wouldn't let me either. I continue to be amazed at the shower of blessings that have rained down since I accepted that first one (him!).
So...happy belated birthday, hubs!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Back! What I Thought of Twilight~

Okay, seriously, enough is enough. I have officially closed the last Twilight book.

I can't believe I enjoyed them as much as I did! I usually like "snobbier" literature, though I certainly make time for "lighter fare" like the Shopaholic Series when I just need a funny, mindless read. But in general, I like "heavier" reading, particularly books that incorporate other cultures. And I despise all things science fiction. So reading Twilight wasn't on my radar at all. Except that several girlfriends kept bringing up their obsession with it--girlfriends whose opinions I generally trust. I wanted a mindless read for my trip to Kauai, so I decided to give them a shot.

And so the obsession really is hard to describe. Teeny bopper vampires? I really can't explain it. Her descriptions really put you right there. I found myself reading descriptions of a variety of Bella's emotions as she talked about high school and how she didn't feel like she quite fit in thinking..."I have felt like that and didn't know how to put it into words, and that captures it perfectly!" I love that. It's definitely a word lover's book.

So now the books are closed, and I'm back to blogging!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Is Going On?

I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I've blogged! I have four reasons for not blogging:

1. Twilight
2. New Moon
3. Eclipse
4. Breaking Dawn

I've only got about 1/5 of Breaking Dawn to go so I should be back to "normal life" after this weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Year Anniversary

It was exactly one year ago today that we started the program to learn how to run 30 minutes. Since then, we have:

Ran 5 5K's
Ran 1 10k
Ran 1 12k
Ran 3 half marathons

Guess how long since I last ran though? March 11! Wow. That's a long time. I'd be lying if I said I haven't enjoyed the break. But strangely enough...I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it. I really have. Weird.

I'm getting back in the saddle again. Monday I start a training program for an 8k that's being held June 27. Then I'm going to run in another half marathon held locally on September 12th.

I also broke down and bought the 30 Day Shred based on a friend's recommendation. We'll see how it goes...